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Business Attorneys in Greater Danbury

Starting or building your business is enough work, without having to jump through all the legal hoops. The Romanello Law Firm can help. We handle all the needed legal matters, for small and medium businesses throughout Greater Danbury. We provide assistance when going through the legal setup and protection when dealing with business litigation.

Romanello Law can help your business with:

  • Business registration of LLCs or corporations
  • Business property purchases
  • Contract & Lease creation/review
  • Representation in business litigation

We have helped clients, with the proper state paperwork to register an LLC or corporation.  We have assisted businesses with all types of transactions, including purchasing commercial properties and/or existing businesses, as well as preparing the necessary contracts, leases or other documents. We have also represented company owners in litigation matters.

If you are a brand new start up, or an established business, we are your go-to law firm. Over the years, we have developed long-lasting relationships with businesses throughout the Greater Danbury area. We know our clients and how to best represent them.

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