Bankruptcy Law

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Bankruptcy Attorneys in Greater Danbury

Although no one plans to file a bankruptcy case, a job loss, illness or injury, or a business failure may leave no other option. Creditors and banks have encouraged debt financing through low interest rates and subprime mortgages. While we must all act in financially responsible ways, forces larger than any one of us have contributed to many of the problems homeowners and businesses face in today’s economy.

In order to help homeowners and businesses gain control over their financial situation, we help clients in regard to the following:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy, liquidation which is used by individuals and businesses to eliminate debt. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to eliminate medical bills, credit card bills and other non-secured debt and get a fresh financial start. All while retaining ownership of your home.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy, business debt reorganization which is used by companies who need to reorganize to save their business.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy, individual reorganization which is used by individuals to stop home foreclosures and tax levies.